25 March 2017,   05:53
United National Movement names eight members of Constitutional Commission

United National Movement has named eight politicians who will become members of the Constitutional Commission.

Those UNM members, who will be represented in the Constitutional Commission are :

1. Giorgi Tugushi
2. Otar Kakhidze
3. Zirab Tchiaberashvili
4. Khatuna Gogorishvili
5. Sergi Kapanadze
6. Salome Samadashvili
7. Mamuka Chikovani
8. Irakli Abesadze

" We believe that the Commission should work on the most important topics that really need to be changed. These are election system. We should not have such unfair system, which we have now, when a political force, which gets less than half of voices gains 3/4 in the parliament.,"- said Sergi Kapanadze, a member of United National Movement.