29 March 2017,   21:08
Bokeria`s grpoup began to develop a plan to withdraw from the party - Nika Melia

Member of the National Movement, Nika Melia, said he and his team-mates had known that Bokeria-Ugulava group was planning to leave the UNM.

According to him, the mentioned members decided to leave the party on the day, when it was decided that the National Movement would hold a 7 000-delegate congress.

“I learned that a certain group is going to leave the party. This was a watershed for me. So far, no one has openly or boldly said that they are going to leave the party, but I know that they made this decision long ago”, said Melia.

According to him, the reason for their decision is that they cannot be represented as powerful at the congress and that their proposals will fail there.