31 March 2017,   04:24
Which agency should have access to wiretapping - disagreement between "This Affects You" and parliamentary majority

The Parliamentary working groupbegins to work on the law . Lawmakers will have to submit the bill at the end of the month in line with the decision of the Constitutional Court, which will determine who will eventually be handed the key to the so-called wiretapping activities. Today, this is the privilege of the Security Service.

The majority is against of withdrawing the so-called wiretapping key from teh State security service.. The statement on the law at the first working group meeting was made by the deputy head of the security service.

The third sector, however, say that the surveillance in the current form should not last and major changes in the law should be implemented. The majority of NGOs offer a way out, which implies the creation of an independent agency.At " This Affects You initiative", the Agency will have direct access to the secret surveillance activities..

The ruling party does not agree with the requirement of the third sector . The majority say that the surveillance international practice shows that effective control over the so-called wiretapping is not carried out by an independent agency in any country. It agrees only with a demands to increase parliamentary control on the surveillance activities ..

The minority share the initiative of the "This . Affects You" campaig. The National Movement says that the State Security Agency uses secret surveillance for political purposes.

The Parliament is to introduce amendments to the law until March 31.