29 March 2017,   21:08
Our task is not to worsen conditions of deal with Gazprom that we have today -Gia Khukhashvili

Minister of Energy is holding talks with Gazprom in Minsk run. No details of the meeting are known, but it is believed in Tbilisi that the position of the Russian energy giant will be much tougher this time. Last year, Moscow`s main demand was monetization of the gas transit fee from Russian exports to Armenia via Georgia. Under what conditions the contract with Gazprom will continue, will be known as Kaladze returns back.

Experts believe that Georgia may have to pay some of the political price for the negotiations. To avoid this situation, they think Georgia has to coordinate with Armenia,.

Gazprom is offering to Georgia monetization of the transit fee instead of 10% of gas transported through Georgia. Experts say thatt this condition is dangerous for the country, the main task should be to maintain the existing conditions .

"What they will do this year is hard to say because we can see, that Russia has recently become stronger and more ambitious. Our task is not to worsen the conditions that we have today, "- said Khukhashvili.

The parliamentary opposition advises the government to protect the interests of the country . In their mind, Georgia has all the resources to retain winning position with Russia.

The contract with the Russian company expired in December.