29 March 2017,   21:07
Experts predict increase of consumer prices

Experts are pessimistic abou the de-dollarization plan announced by the government. This view is underpinned by the new regulations and increased taxes that will be activated in the current year.

The experts expect that the de-dollarization plan that forces the real estate developers to state prices in GEL will prevent foreign investment in the construction sector

According to experts, the Estonian modelis really encouraging for the part of the businesses .

Similar to experts, the opposition also predicts lower rates of economic growth next year.

GD is convinced that the plan offered by the government will have a positive impact on economic growth and GEL stability already this year.

According to the de-dollarization plan ,excise tax on tobacco and oil prices, as well as increased customs duties on imported cars have already increased,

Specialists expect that all of these changes will increase consumer prices over the coming months.