29 March 2017,   21:08
Putin has money and a lot of personal interest in the United States - Mikheil Saakashvili

Russia"s interference in the election process is the main topic in the American mass media. In the last few days, the TV companies CNN and MSNBC have invited Mikheil Saakashvili several times to their studios.

American journalists directly present the former president as the enemy of Putin and a friend of Donald Trump.

The journalist asked Saakashvili questions about the Russian-Georgian conflict, the Russian cyber attacks` experience and relationships with Donald Trump asked.

"The main question here is that if Vladimir Putin ordered it , why the administration did not ask for his responsibiility directly ? The expulsion of diplomats is one thing, but he has money and a lot of personal interests in America. The United States has a lot of leverages to reach out for Vladimir Putin, and why not take advantage of these methods? I know that Putin is evil. I know that he can kill people, he has an impact on the post-Soviet space, as it happened in the case of Georgia and Ukraine.

"As I see, the KGB tricks will not change public opinion in America. As for Donald Trump, good relations with Russia are possible, when America is strong and durable. Donald Trump has strong principles and personality. And most importantly, it is difficult to manipulate him, it is impossible. He will not get involved in anything that would hurt the US interests. I believe it firmly, and so I think that Putin is far more serious problems than he imagines, "- Saakashvili said