25 March 2017,   05:56
Roman Gotsiridze believes that Russiais continuing creeping economic annexation

Opposition calls the government`s decision "defeatist" . Both wings of the UNM believe that the government should not sign a similar agreement with Gazprom.

Roman Gotsiridze states that the government is affected by Russian influence.

"The government`s announcement that they are going to sign an agreement with Gazprom, it is defeatist action, it is a crime. I can boldly say that Georgia has an incompetent and corrupt government, since there was no basis for signing the agreement in this form. The contract in the interests of the country has been operating for 15 years which Gazprom has failed to change even in the most difficult period for the country. The government`s decision means that the government is suffering from the influence of Russia. This means that they also have a personal interest. Tomorrow Tbilgazi will be the target and do not excludeKaz-trans -gas will sell to Russia the gas distribution system . Next target will be the Abkhazian section of the railway. In fact,creeping economic annexation is continuing , "- said Roman Gotsiridze.

Sergi Kapanadze believes that this Agreement means providing Russia with a leverage for putting pressure on Georgia.