25 March 2017,   05:51
"It is unfortunate that Prime Minister turned this issue into the main topic of day,"- Sergi Kapanadze on issue of nightclubs

The parliamentary majority claims that cases, linked to juvenile prostitution deserve special attention. According to them, the Prime Minister was referring to the threat ,caused by juvenile prostitution while making an announcement at the sitting of government today.

The opposition, however, believes that talks about discrimination of people in bars in the center of Tbilisi is "ridiculous", because the Prime Minister pays no attention to real facts of discrimination.

"When speaks about discrimination, we have to remember that we have serious problems with discrimination, including religious minorities, especially in the regions, on which we don"t pay attention. Talks about discrimination in the center of the city, clubs, where some people are not allowed to enter are ridiculous,"- said Sergo Kapanadze.