25 March 2017,   05:54
Special briefing of UNM -new political association may be declared

The creation of a new political association maybe announced today. The UNM"group, which is leaving the party will continue political activity under the name of the other political organization.

The  briefing is scheduled for 15:00 in the party office- political leaders will make the final decision public. The changes are expected in Parliamentary factions as well.

Alongside with the resignation of the chairman of the faction, the name of the faction is expected to change as well, but the UNM will have its own faction in the parliament. Details are not specified.

"Unfortunately,, there is nothing good about the process, which has developed, but it is a given fact , it needs explanation as to what is happening, why the National Movement is divided and the announcement will be made accordingly.

The political struggle will continue and every person in this movement must realize that the main reason that we are in opposition is to fight against the government and not each other, "- stated Gigi Tsereteli.

At the end of the day , the second part of the National Movement made brief statements. Khatuna Ochiauri says that the decision of the so-called Bokeria team to leave the party most likely was taken after the session of the political council on 30 November .