29 March 2017,   03:33
" Supreme Court is obliged to make public explanations", - Ana Natsvlishvili speaks about case of Rustavi2

A Chairman of Georgian Young Lawyers" Association responds to the information released by the Supreme Court, according to which the Grand Chamber on the case of Rustavi 2 was composed on 1 December.

Ana Natsvlishvili states that the announcement, released by the Supreme Court on March 6 raises questions, because the sides had no information about a composition till end of February.
According to the Chairman of GYLA the Supreme Court is required to make a public explanation.

 " It is important to hear explanations from the Supreme Court, because the sides themselves did not know anything about the composition for a very long time. There were many unanswered questions about this issue. This is important because both sides wanted to recuse certain judges,"- says Ana Natsvlishvili.