27 March 2017,   08:51
Case of Rustavi2 - Opposition speaks about criminal offense committed by Supreme Court

Parliamentary opposition comments on the information, according to which a Grand Chamber on Rustavi2"s case was composed on December 1.

Members of European Georgia state that the Supreme Court tries to justify himself in front of the Strasbourg court. According to Otar Kakhidze, the government is in a legal swamp.

" Every new move worsens their condition. Everyone knows that the Supreme Court implements orders. It was obvious to everyone that it was impossible to discuss this case in one or two days. Therefore they tried to correct things by indicating previous date , "- said Otar Kakhidze.

United National movement speaks about falsified documents as well. The party states that this fact could not tale place without the Supreme Court"s Chairman"s engagement.

" We are dealing with fraud documents and a Chairman of the Supreme Court participated in the process,"- says Akaki Minashvili.

parliamentary majority refrains from comments. Tamar Chugoshvili advises the society to wait for the European Court"s decision.