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Founded in 1994, Rustavi 2 is the most popular and successful broadcasting company in Georgia. Rustavi 2 is a privately owned. Information about its shareholders see in the following compliance form. Rustavi 2 is free-to-air terrestrial broadcaster network that currently reaches 85% of Georgia’s population nationwide.

Rustavi 2 provides a diverse range of top quality licensed programming from up-to-the-minute daily news and political talk shows to a range of original entertainment programs, sports, and international hit productions translated into Georgian. Rustavi 2’s programs are consistently top rating throughout the country.
The first to use digital hardware in Georgia, the first to go on satellite, the first to conduct live foreign transmissions and first to become an Associate member of the European Broadcasting Union, Rustavi 2 keeps pace with the changes in television technology constantly improving the quality of broadcasting. We were the first to embrace the concept of interactive TV and we are the first to bring political talk-show to Georgian audiences.



News program “Courier” airs since the first days of Rustavi 2’s foundation and has become the most operative news program in Georgia
Good Morning, Georgia
Morning TV program, which offers informative and entertaining combination of news coverage, conversations with interesting guests, weather forecast, cooking tips and many others
Business Courier
In-depth reporting and critical analysis of major business issues, market outlooks and fresh ideas to start your own business
Courier P.S.
Weekly summarizing program hosted by David Kikalishvili focuses on politics, economics and social problems
The Other News
News around us, news without politics.
Employment project supported by government and businessmen
Social and political talk-show with Zaal Udumashvili. "Choice" debuted on Rustavi 2 on 8 October 2007.
Open Dilemma
Key politicians, experts, journalists and many others are invited to discuss top political, social and cultural events of the week in the talk-show. 2005-2006
Three dimensions of one event. Open discussion in a closed triangle. The event, the person, the society. One vs. two 2008.
Answer People
Talk show about electoral campaigns. Candidates for Parliament present their electional plans 2008. (April-May)
All top themes and all positions in one studio with Nino Shubladze. 2009
Night Courier
Night Courier aired in 1998-2004 years was a high rated interactive political talk show highlighting the most important events of the day with key politicians and experts
Prime Time
Joint project of TBC TV and the Prime Time Studio, a political talk-show "Prime Time" with Inga Grigolia; 2007.
60 Minutes
First investigative journalism program in Georgia uncovering corruption and documenting instances of social injustices. 1999-2004
Maya Asatiani introduces you famous people from new perspective, tells you unknown people’s stories of joy and pain - these are stories created by you
Entertaining, advisory and chatty talk show presentს important and funny topics, meetings with interesting guests.
New mega project: Super Stars in musical contest with original rules.
Joint project of Rustavi 2 and Geocell. Audience chooses the best singer among the young participants of the contest.
Who Wants 20.000?
This is the first licensed show in Georgia – Georgian version of the most popular game show in the world
What? Where? When?
Intellectual game-show, the first joint project of Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company and Producing Center GameTV Ltd. 2008
Lucky Wheel
Well-known word puzzles solving game of chance with various musical and entertaining elements.
Georgia`s Got Talent!
Georgians are Talented! We give people a unique chance to express their talents.
Play with the Star
Stars and unknown people compete in sport, intellectual, funny and embarrassing contests
Your Show
A lot of live folk humor, guests and stars of the new generation.
Vano Javakhishvili’s Show
Unique mix of hilarious monologues on the topical issues, conversations with guests, headlines and many others...
Comedy Show
Likeable and unlike any other, it brings fresh, unique comedy and is recognized to be the funniest comic show ever done in Georgia
Laughter Zone
Another humor sketch show about our everyday social life. Two main actors are Tristan Saraladze and Beso Baratashvili.
Club Show
This is the first club show in the history of Georgian TV, analogue of the Russian “Comedy Club”. Comedy November; 2007.
Evening Show with Sandro
Host of the intellectual show is a virtual character, donkey Sandro from Kakheti. 2008-2009
Whose Line is it anyway?
Late night comedy game show, a Georgian version of popular British project, is completely based on improvisation. 2005-2007
People Versus
"The People Versus" is a general knowledge quiz show where a contestant answers question set not by the program makers but by the viewers at home
The Weakest Link
A funny game show: players don't know each other, but if they want the Prize Money they have to work as a team
In 2007 Rustavi 2 has aired the show which has created the reality show genre. The show is popular in more than 30 countries. 2008
Reality Show: 12 strangers are confined in an apartment near a bar, which they run and promote in order to get 35 000. 2005-2007
Idea, Money and the Only Chance
The project is the most large-scaled entertaining and educational business reality show in Georgia
Business reality show, also known as the Ultimate Job Interview, is hosted by president of Bank of Georgia Lado Gurgenidze. The prize is a job with a starting contract of one year. 2006-2007
Rustavi2’s and ministry of Defense joint project - reality show Barracks. 2008
Joint project of Rustavi 2 and Shota Rustaveli state academic theatre - reality show Troupe - a real chance for beginning actors of entering Shota Rustaveli academic theatre troupe. 2008
Deal or no Deal
TV game show: the player has to guess which of 26 beautiful girls has 50.000 in her case. 2008-2009
The Brainiest Kid
The brightest young sparks in the country battle it out for the coveted title of Georgia's Brainiest Kid in quiz show
UEFA Champions League
Our team continues the tradition and airs the twelfth season of the Champions on Rustavi 2
Football Night
Georgian Football Highlights: competent experts discuss the current situation in the Georgian football and follow the Georgian national championship.
Sport Time
Talk show is a joint project of TBC TV and Rustavi 2 broadcasting company. The show includes all kinds of sport popular in Georgia. 2008. (March)
Rustavi 2 Kids Cup
Georgia participates in this tournament since 2002. It is our present for Georgian children
Family game show. Adults try to guess words explained with childish logic and fantasy!
Kids News
Georgian version of program Teen Kids News: children's syndicated TV news show is aired on the adults' TV.
Funny Starts
"Funny Starts" - children's project Between schools sports Game-Contest. 2009-2011
Jetix Kids Cup
Georgia participates in this tournament since 2003. It is our present for Georgian children
Fast and funny sport competitions between schools
The host
The host – painter Zaliko Sulakauri teaches children how to draw in an entertaining, unordinary and simple way. 2009-2010
Duta's Fairy Tales
Children's project by Rustavi 2 and Geosell, Famous folk and literary tales of different countries for our little audience 2007.
Talk-show for children's Discover the children's World! Find out what amazes them! 2008
Children's song festival: Little Georgians sing on Anabana's scene.
Joint project of Rustavi 2 and Studio “Sarke.” The “Eraser” is the first Georgian comedy magazine created especially for school pupils, 2007.
You can stop Zvio’s Taxi, travel for free; win money and a prize from sponsors. 2008
It is a gift for the ordinary families in Tbilisi – a room reconstructed by the leading designers and companies. 2007-2008
Naniko’s Show
Talk show on all social topics. Frank conversation with famous and ordinary people. 2007-2008
Smile, You’re On Candid Camera!
Show leads unsuspecting people through humorous and embarrassing situations and films them with hidden cameras. 2005-2007
Sing to Me!
is a Georgian analogue of the international contest, musical show with professional singers and famous people participating in it. 2009
Star Academy
Unique format of the show unites the most popular TV brands: reality show and concert performance. 2008-2009
Series of documental films produced by Rustavi 2 are dedicated to culture and life in Georgia and other countries
Georgia – Modern History
High production documentary films giving in depth look at the most interesting periods of Georgian modern history
The project provides its viewers with the daily report on the work done by patrol on the entire territory of Georgia
District Inspector
Completely based on real situation the program covers activity of the district inspectors. 2008
Opened Case
Films of the criminal documental series contain detailed analysis of the most famous crimes. 2008
The program offered masterpieces of classic cinema, their discussion with special guests and live calls from audience
Humorous opposition animated series gathered the top ratings in Georgian television in 2000-2002
Our Neighborhood
The first 3D animated series in Georgia - witty political satire about average neighborhood in Tbilisi, where very ordinary Georgians live and cope with their everyday problems
The project covered the most interesting events of the current week happened in Transcaucasus.
Host and the author of the project leaded live discussions on the hottest topics


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