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April 2014


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Saakashvili meets with Hillary Clinton

02.02.12 10:02

Georgia is a valued partner and the interest towards Georgia is very great - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili on Wednesday.

`Georgia is a valued partner. They are actively participating in Afghanistan, where Georgian soldiers are showing great courage and professionalism. We are pursuing a system of consultations to determine the way forward on further trade and investment. There’s a lot of work going on in our bilateral consultations on education, on health, on good governance, on rule of law, on defense and security cooperation. So, the president’s had a very busy week here and there are more people for him to see,` Mrs. Clinton said.

In his turn Mikheil Saakashvili thanked the Secretary of State for great support which Georgian has always had from the side of the United States.

Thank you, Madam Secretary. First of all, I would like to express utmost gratitude for your strong support, not just in words but in action, for Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and independence, because it’s lots of daily work. It’s a great struggle. Sometimes it’s like uphill struggle because it’s against the forces that are trying to undermine us. And your personal participation, President Obama’s personal backing for it was – it goes without saying, and that’s something that we really appreciate a lot. And certainly, I walked out also from this office, but also from the Oval Office where we were also present, totally elated because I heard everything I wanted to hear. And I mean, it’s – I’ve been in there before. But this time, because the country has also matured – my country has also matured up to the challenges – I think we now are moving to another level in cooperation. And with free trade agreement, nobody could have imagined that Georgia would ever start to qualify for that a few years ago. The next level of defense cooperation – and we are proud to serve with you in Afghanistan – was unimaginable a couple of years ago,` Saakashvili said.

The meeting was held at  3 p.m. local time and the president and the Secretery Clinton made statements for media.

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Georgian Dream political council met with Prime Minister

22.04.14 16:41

Prime Minister of Georgia today chaired the meeting of the political council of the Georgian Dream ruling coalition. The meeting was attended by the majority MPs and the members of the cabinet and it was dedicated to the discussion of the upcoming local clip 

Ukraine publishes photos of Russian military officers in Crimea and other regions

22.04.14 16:19

Ukraine`s government has released the photos, which they say prove that the faces seen on the pictures are the same as seen in the footages in Georgia in 2008. Ukrainian authorities say these materials prove that the crisis and provocations in Ukraine`s eastern regions are organized and controlled by the Russian special services. clip 

Man arrested for drug crime

22.04.14 16:04

Police have detained a citizen of Georgia, Zaal I. (DoB 1967) for illegal purchase and keeping of drugs and psychotropic pills in especially large quantities. clip 

Young girl stabbed with a sword

22.04.14 15:17

A young lady was heavily injured by a young man arguably, with a sword. The assault on the girl occurred about an hour ago near the Vake Park. Eyewitnesses say they heard a woman`s clip 

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MFA warns citizens who seek for Russian citizenship

22.04.14 12:56

Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns the citizens of Georgia to be careful about accepting the citizenship of the Russian Federation. First Deputy Minister Davit Zalkaliani has commented on the reports about simplification of the procedures for granting Russian citizenships to the citizens of the former Soviet clip 

ROYAL PHILIPS representative met with Georgian Prime Minister

22.04.14 11:52

The Dutch company ROYAL PHILIPS will open the regional service-center in Georgia - the chief executive director of the company has been hosted by the Georgian Prime Minister to discuss the plans of the company for Georgia. clip 

Georgian officials participate in Earth Day events

22.04.14 11:39

Georgia is marking the Earth Day along with the rest of the world. Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental clip 

Reinforced Platoon returns from Afghanistan

22.04.14 10:35

Reinforced Platoon of the 13th Battalion of I Infantry Brigade of GAF returned to homeland from Afghanistan. Military servicemen of “Shavnabada” battalion had been carrying out ISAF international mission under the U.S. Command on the base “Phoenix” for 8 clip 

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