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Nino Arazashvili

"Good Morning, Georgia" anchor and producer from 2002.
Born: 20.12.1973


Eka Samkharadze

“Good Morning, Georgia” anchor from 2006.
Born: 20.02.1984


Giorgi Korkia

"Good Morning, Georgia" anchor from 2010.
Born: 23.04.1974


Nino Gazdeliani

“Good Morning, Georgia” news anchor from December 2004
Born: 06.07.1975


Ana Kinkladze

“Courier” and “Good Morning, Georgia” news anchor from 2004
Born: 10.01.1976


Otar Kiria

“Good Morning, Georgia” anchor from 2007.
Born: 26.07.1976


Alexandre Bagration-Davitashvili

“Good Morning, Georgia” anchor from 2009.
Born: 09.06.1987


Ana Gunter

Good Morning, Georgia journalist from 2006
Born: 12.05.1982


Tato Tkeshelashvili

“Good Morning, Georgia” anchor from 2009.
Born: 21.10.1988


Dato Frangishvili

Sport news anchor and journalist from 2005
Born: 11.06.1981


Eka Amirejibi

“Good Morning, Georgia” anchor from 2009.
Born: 24.05.1987

Good Morning, Georgia gets country started every weekday from 7:30 a.m.

Culture news and guest of the day with the main topic are presented by Nino Arazashvili and Giorgi Korkia, Eka Samkharadze and Eka Amirejibi. Nino Gazdeliani and Anuka Kinkladze set the agenda for the day ahead bringing latest news happening in Georgia and around the world every hour. Sports news and results of the latest matches are presented by Dato Prangishvili and Tato Tkeshelashvili.

Eka Amirejibi and Ana Gunter host the on-location entertainment part of the program. They promote healthy life style, present various useful beauty and fashion tips.

Wheather forecast is presented by Nanuka Gogichaishvili.
Family menu is assorted by Natia Nomtgomery on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Internet websites’ highlights are presented by Alexandre Bagration-Davitashvili. Every Wednesday you get gardening advices from famous botanist Zura Shevardznadze.

Watch Paata Guliashvili`s Hidden camera victims in embarrassing and funny situations on the first and last days of the working week.

Good Morning, Georgia briefly reviews Georgian press. Otar Kiria highlights the leading newspapers and yellow press.

Good Morning, Georgia is a result of a team working. Our team of producers and correspondents often works overnights to bring you the latest news happened in Georgia and in the whole world while you were sleeping. They are: Nino Arazashvili, Keti Kebadze, Soso Mchedlidze, Ramaz Karchava, Lika Kintsurashvili, Giorgi Iukuridze, Tiko Dughashvili, Dato Abramishvili, Maya Chapodze, Nino Lashkhi, Eter Purtskhvanidze, Teona Khobadze, Irina Kechakmadze, Mariam Gaprindashvili, Tamta Gogolashvili and Sopho Datishvili. Don’t forget to tune on Rustavi 2 and start your day with our traditional greeting Good Morning, Georgia!

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